DX Mega Heracles from Juukou.

Hey guys, I am back and I am gonna wrap up my B Fighter mechas review today. And now, I am gonna review the DX Mega Heracles from Juukou B Fighter. First appeared in episode 24, this giant hercules beetle is summoned through the use of the Pulsaber's echo ability.

The photo of the front of the box. It says all 6 legs are powered with battery and moves and no, Bandai didn't lie. All 6 legs did move.


DX popynica Beet Machine

Hello everyone, it's me again and yes, you can expect another vintage toy review. Today I went to the Metal Hero series line and looked into the DX Popynica Beet Machine Box from Juukou B Fighter. Appeared in episode 3, the Beet Machines consist of 3 different vehicles where each of the B Fighters pilot and use it to battle the fighter jets of the Jamahl forces. The front of the box has some window look. We can see the basic vehicles. And yes, this is a Chogokin line not under Chogokin numbering because this is under Popynica so, it has quite some die-cast

The back of the box gives summarised instructions on how each can be played.

The set includes the following:
Stagger Tank
Red Gyro
Magnet Attachment
Drill Attachment
3 mini soft figures (seated mode painted in full gray) to be placed in the cockpit of eah vehicle.

The 3 Beet Machines. From left Beetluder for Blue Beet, Red Gyro for Reddle and Stagger Tank for G Stag.

The cockpits can open as per earlier mention and the mini figures can be placed in. I didn't take the figures out because they are still sealed in their baggies.
Let's get to them one by one.
Nothing much on this. There's a die cast portion of the body, mostly prominent at the back portion of the body. Rubber wheels for free wheeling and the horn can be pivoted upwards and downwards to potray the magnetic cannons.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are 2 extra attachments and they are for Beetluder and Stagger Tank. Both of them keep the other's attachments and in the show they simply get them by going to the back of the other and getting it.

This is how the Drill attachment for Stagger Tank is stored at Beetluder's back. The only complaint for me is that the cover doesn't open wide enough for me to see what's inside.
Stagger Tank.
This one is a lot different. The rubber tracks are marvelously done and there are more functions for this one. In the show, it can actually jack up and turn around. The toy can do the same, automatically.

The video shows the red button that you pull to jack Stagger Tank up so that you can turn it around. In addition, the pincers can actually be opened but it has a spring function that prevents it from kept open.

The Magnet Attachment for Beetluder is stored at the back of Stagger Tank.

Again, the cover doesn't open too much to see the inside. Others are all good.
Red Gyro.
Surprisingly this one has more functions than Beetluder as well.
Aside from the opening cockpits, it has a rotating gyro and the back opens to reveal the chrome engines.

In addition to all that, the rotating gyro actually has another function.

The video shows how the rotating gyro activates another function, the little hook to get attachments from either land vehicle and aid in attaching on the other one. The function for this is when the gyro is rotated clockwise, the string for the grappler is reeled down. But before you do that, make sure you remove the grappler from the body first.
All in all, this is a great set. I love it, vintage and Die Cast.
The one major complain is the price factor.
I got it for 1000 yen off YAJ so no complaints but this thing costs 5900 yen in retail price. I was like WOW, more expensive than a mecha even.
To me, if you're a Die Cast fan, do find a cheap one and get it. It's worth all your money. I have to give this a 3.8 of 5 for playability and value for money as I have been looking for this for quite a while after watching the review from CCLemon.
Anyways, I'll get back to review the DX Mega Heracles / Gargantis soon since I got it together with this set but for now, I am signing off. Enjoy.

SHF Vegeta

Frankly i really don't like Vegeta because his cocky look and ego character and this is the reason why i didn't buy Vegeta super saiyan ver . But if i don't buy those main charater (in this case Vegeta) my collection won't be complete so i have no choice to buy it. At the very beginning Vegeta don't impress me much but when i open up and do this review "WOW" oh my gosh shf Vegeta really amazing with his  cocky apparent.

Sclupting,Detail and Paint job

Bandai did a very good job on Vegeta sculpting , the face expressiong and the  hair is very well been sclupt . On top of that the details on the muscle look excellent with the black colour shading.The paint job are very well been paint the same go for the  shading  very well been place this really make Vegeta look gorgeous

The tail is another thing that make Vegeta look awesome , The tail is soft where you can bent it around the waist. The sad part is it look too plastic (my own opinion).


I really like this armor with the should pad and the flaps of his lower armor  it really make Vegeta look awesome. The chest sculpting look nice and it will not look bulkly at all , also the details on the chest ,boots and the glove look amazing with the shading.

At the very begining i thought that the shoulder pad will restrict the movement of the arm but i am wrong the arm can  move freely and there are extra gap (space) for the arm to move.

 This credit to Bandai , where Bandai create a ball joint to attach the shoulder pad  and this ball joint is mount slightly above the shoulder.

Because is a ball joint the shoulder pad actually can move around (left,right,up,down) but with extreme less movement.


The flaps is actually a clip type which attach to the armor and it can be taken out (but very difficult to take out and be extra careful). You can flip the flaps up or down only and because of this the leg can move freely . 

As you can see the Vegeta body same with the old design (mechanism) withe the older ver of dragon ball series . the body and the leg are very loose and my Vegeta the  left leg easily to come out that really frustrated. The arm and knee joint is very tight .


I really satisfied withe the accessory that come with Vegeta where we can make used of all the accessories. (i mean all accessory make sense ). Bandai are thoughtful(considerate,) where Bandai give extra head , we can used this extra head to put it on Vegeta super saiyan. If you don't have Vegeta super saiyan and if you are good at air brush you can actually paint it to super saiyan (i will do that but now no time).

Like really like the scouting device but putting in on is very frustrated .
Shf Vegeta come with very  great sculpting ,details , the paint job is awesome with the shading (in my opinion it look much better than Vegeta super saiyan), satisfied accessory , hand and leg movement is great. With all this great thing the draw back is nothing , So go out there and grab it before it too late.







S.H.F Prefect Cell


SHF Cell come in during Chinese New Years (2013) I was afraid to do the review because I afraid it will spoil my holiday mood  if SHF Cell have bad review (another failure ) . So it took me this long to review it let check it out and see if this another failure by Bandai .

Sclupting And Detail

When Bandai announce they will release SHF Prefect  Cell ,the first thing that come into my mind are  Cell scale which is the signature of Cell, I afraid Bandai will just put a dot as the scale  by using paint or any others cheap  way  , By doing so SHF Prefect  Cell will be totally failure .when I took out the SHF Prefect Cell  I am Glad that Bandai did a very fantastic job on it. The scale of Prefect  Cell are sculpt (craft) on it  That make Cell look great , you can actually feel the texture when you touch on  it .

The sculpt for SHF Prefect  Cell are awesome and the details are very eye catching  , You can see the leg  have curve(shape) and the wing as well  that really make it look stunning ,thigh muscle are nicely been sculpt , the hip is nicely been sculpt and so on  .

Paint Job And Articulation

My Prefect cell don’t have any painting error (different batch (figure) may have different paint error) I also have actually checked few of my customer Prefect Cell there all don’t have painting error. For the articulation , the hand ,knee ,leg all are tight but for  the body is a bit loose(will explain later why it loose) .
Prefect cell body come with 3 part basically same with SHF Trunk, with this new mechanism the figure may have better movement and different kind of pose (angle of pose). It work very well on SHF Trunk but for Prefect Cell it doesn’t fully utilize it. I name the Prefect cell body into 1st part body (chest), 2nd part body (abdomen) and 3rd part of the body (hip).
 For the 1st part of the body you can turn it to left ,right ,up and down but in a very restrict movement (area or angle) that the sad part , 2nd part of the body as well the movement is restrict by the body part (don’t know how to explain this pls refer to the picture mark with blue colour circle). For the 3rd part of the body you can turn 360 with no problem

Also the 3rd  part actually can extend (expand), with this your SHF Prefect cell will look taller but the body will be loose , I am also surprise that after the extend the cell can stand firmly . After the 3rd part of the body extend the 2nd part of the body will not have restrict movement but it will not look nice where we can see the gap , that way I don’t really extend my Prefect Cell.

I relay like this new mechanism (body in 3 part) because it allow the figure to bend more nicely (smooth, naturally) . Although Prefect Cell didn’t fully utilize it  but when it bend the back of Prefect Cell look awesome , Refer to the picture the body segment of Cell very well organize(arrange,form,make up).


The Prefect Cell wing are ball joint attach to the armor which allow you can move it up , down , left and right .There are no movement for the stinger


I pretty much like Prefect Cell but there are 2 drawback of Prefect Cell which the foot have restrict movement , You can’t really fully bend the foot like others dragon ball series and the foot are restrict to more left and right


Another drawback is the restrict head move up(look up)  and this apply to all dragon series (sorry I didn’t actually put this in my goku ,gohan and trunk review) .  Compare with others figure which they can push their head look up more. To me this is not such a big issue still can accept .

I really like the Beam and it heavy too , but the diorama (the stand look like ground ) and the effect part look so so to me . I would happy if it give a finger with the lesser bean shooting out  like those ultraman  or a fire ball which I can put at the hand assume prefect cell doing Kamehameha (hope you understand what I mean) or the effect part which are like ultraman (refer to the picture ) are more realistic .


The good : Awesome sculpting , no painting error ,tight articulation.
The Bad: Not fully utilize the mechanism ,restrict movement on foot , body ,head, not realistic diorama and effect part (not the whole accessory I refer to)
Prefect Cell seem not that  prefect after all , but overall I think SHF Prefect Cell is much better than SHF Trunk .The SHF Prefect Cell currently selling at RM 340 (Malaysian Ringgit,Price  Date: 20/02/2013) where i think is abit of expensive but again you need this guy to make your collection complete
This is the effect that i refer to





S.H.Figuarts Dragon ball trunk

I'm very happy because after a long wait  Bandai finally announce  that they will release Dragon Ball Trunk ,what me more excited are Bandai release Trunk in jacket ver ,This is what me and some others customer are wish for  . But the excitement won't last long where one of my customer inform me that Dragon Ball Trunk have alot of negative feedback .this is what people is complaining

  1. The height of trunk is not accurate when put side by side with Goku and Vegeta
  2. Difficult to stand
  3.  The Super Seiyan hair colour tone  is not as good as Vegeta
  4. The sword cannot put into the sword scabbard and bandai give a short sword to put it in the scabbard no play value
with this much of negative feedback i'm very worry ,Finally Dragon Ball Trunk have arrived and i really hope all those negative feedback is not true.

Sculpt and Details

     I really like the sculpting for the normal and Super saiyan head , At the back of the normal head the layer hair cutting is been sculpt beautiful. Also the fringe in front of the hair really awesome (it make out of soft plastice)

For the Super saiyan hair sculpting is not bad as well, The fringe is make out  of soft plastice

                                              I really like the normal head sculpting but the QC for the normal head is suck , where there have nip mark over it which turn the beautiful  normal head into ugly

                                                                  Paint Job And Articulation

  The paint job for Trunks are very dull  there are no colour gradient (tone colour) for the jacket , shirt and pants . You can see colour gradient on the face and exchangeable hand but that didn't make  Trunks look  better on the other hand Trunk face look so pale .The Colour QC also very bad where you can see specks on the figure .

   Bandai did some changes on Trunk body design where it look much better  and  have more movement  compare with the old dragon ball series. The old  Dragon ball neck machanism is really useless where it difficult torotate the neck and also the movement of the neck are very limit therefore  Bandai have completely the neck machanism on Trunks,  with this remove the neck look much better

             Bandai have change the shoulder joint too  where the older dragon ball series when you move the arm you can see a very ulgy joint attach to the arm machanism (can see a big hole) and you need to used the sleeve to hide (cover) it up . Bandai have redesign the arm joint for Trunks where you don't need sleeve to covery it up ,

A much better looking but it have some drawback where the jacket hinder the shoulder  movement
you need to press the shoulder down in order for it to move freely .
For the older dragon ball series the middle part of the arm can be move but for trunk Bandai have remove that as a result a better looking arm . My personal opinion by remove that part we have limited arm movement
Bandai have add in another articulation at Trunk  upper chest Which mean Trunk have more body and it turn out nicely
For the older Dragon ball series when you bent the leg  we can see the joint coming out and this is very ulgy  , For trunk Bandai have add in the knee pad to hide the joint . I really hope this knee pad apply to all new drangon ball series .


For all the SHF that i have , Trunks are the only shf that  come with the most accessory not sure why Bandai been so generous this time ?? . trunk come with 14 exchangeable hand WOW (still couldn't believe it)  8 exchangeable face where 4 for normal trunk and 4 for super seiyan trunk WoW WoW(am i dreaming) , 1 super seiyan head ( is this real) , a sword , 1/4 sword and scabbard (speechless). I really hope others new dragon ball series will have this much of accessory that will be great . Accessory detail and paint job are  so so only (normal,plain)
After playing with my SHF trunk i have my point of view for those negative feed back

The height of trunk is not accurate when put side by side with Goku and Vegeta
I really don't have vegeta with me and i have surf over the internet to get some picture finally i have 1 here is my logic (my personal opinion  you maybe disagree with me is up to you to see is my logic is correct) Gohan must be shorter than Trunk , Goku must be taller than Trunk and Vegeta and trunk shorter than vegeta and not Gohan

If you look at the 2 picture i can said that the height is quite accurate


You guy judge is the height really that bad . As for me i really don't care about such nonsense the most important is the Quality of trunk
The Super Seiyan hair colour tone is not as good as Vegeta
This fully agree vegeta super seiyan hair colour tone is much better than trunks , i really wonder why Bandai don't apply that to trunk
Difficult to stand
 I really not sure is this due to batch problem , mine have no problem standing .it can stand very steady
The sword cannot put into the sword scabbard and bandai give a short sword to put it in the scabbard no play value
I really feel that this is not a major issue , reason is simple if you have this vegeta and you can swith your trunk super seiyan head to vegeta body and then make him hold the sword ,and at the same time the normal trunk have the 1/4 sword put at the scabbard , would you think this look much better (hope you can imaginewhat i trying to said). seriously this is no big deal at all .


Seriously i'm very disappoint with Trunk QC (quality)  it really suck,  with the price that i pay(RM 260 14/07/2012)  for it really not worth it at all and i have no choice but to buy it in order to complete my dragon ball collection . If you look from far it really nice but when close up it really upset you .Enjoy some of the picture i took from far


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