Different between Japan ver and Asian Version

Often we hear Retailer (shop owner) said Japan Ver is better than Asian Ver where Japan Ver have the best QC, best paint job and so on . What they said is it true? to  seek the answer i asked my friend (who that time at japan for business trip ) to get me either SIC or SHF ,At the end he get me SHF Black RX .

How do we know is the item is Japan Ver or Asian Ver ? To differentiate is simple (pls refer to the picture below. All you have to do is turn to the back of the box , If there are no Bandai hologram and that Warning sticker that is the Japan Ver.

Also at the bottom of the box if there are no Bandai Asia sticker that the Japan Ver, pls refer to the picture above.

                                                                     Figures Comparison

When i first took out both figures i really didn't see any different between both version from paint job,joint and QC both have the same quality.(the figure which have different hand are Japan Ver)

Let the a close look at the below picture both have the same paint tone ,paint job are good and  the QC are the same

i was think that maybe there are some different between the code number for the Japan Ver ,   therefore i turn to the back to check on the code number as a result both have the same code number and also state there "Made In China". sorry for the picture because i don't have the Micro lens

I did do some research and interview with some of my customers , their answer are all the same that Japan Ver and Asian Ver have no different in QC because all item are coming from China Factory  , In Fact some Japan Ver item do have bad QC.

I do support the fact because Bandai will not jeopardize their images by selling low QC items to Asia or others region. AS a result  those reseller try to make out story so that they can sell their item with higher price. Furthermore those sticker and hologram can be peel off easily if you have the correct tools.
 Hope this guide will help you all to have a better understanding between Japan and Asia ver

please continue to different between Japan Ver and Asian Ver part 2 http://hshobby.blogspot.com/2010/07/japan-ver-vs-asian-ver-part-2.html

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